Cybercrime is a problem...

Cybercriminals can attack you with impunity until they are successful.  Think about that.  Until our government figures out how to address this threat better, and effectively deter the criminals, that's going to continue.

So it's up to you to protect yourself. Prevention is cheaper than the cure. One way is by reading my book to gain the knowledge and skills to do this. We also offer services to help you. If you already have a problem, we can help with that. We also offer speaking, training, and subject matter expertise.


You can learn a lot and improve your security posture yourself by reading my book, Cybersecurity for the Home and Office.

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Cybersecurity for homes, offices, and all organizations

We can start by securing our homes and families.

Then, we can bring that knowledge and skills to our workplace to prevent problems.

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Cybercrime investigation and incident response

Bad things can happen, including cyber theft, data breach, ransomware, and more.

Learn facts, respond appropriately, comply with legal requirements, prevent it from happening again.

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A comprehensive book on cybersecurity

To improve your knowledge and take control, read my book.

Services relating to cybersecurity, cybercrime, and more

I offer many helpful services, as detailed at