These forms can help you assess and and take charge of your security, starting with your devices, then data, then networks. Print them to paper, fill them in, and store in a safe place.

Form 1: Personal and Home Device Inventory

Form 1.5: Personal Email and Internet Account Inventory

Form 2: Personal Device and Data Summary

Form 3 Personal Data Summary

Form 4 Network and Internet Summary

These forms are included within the book, but it is not convenient to write in a book, nor rip out pages. Also the forms within the book were heavily modified in order to comply with publishing format and page size. Here, the forms are in their original, single page format.

You may copy and use these forms for personal, non-commercial use, but please credit me.
If you are interested in using these for commercial use, please contact me.
Suggestions to improve these forms are welcomed.

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